"I would highly recommend your seminar to any prospective client. The Stress Management techniques you demonstrated for us have been very helpful."

Barbara Lang
Operations Manager
Irving Texas


  • "All expectations were exceeded! Gayle received a very positive feedback as an instructor both from the material presented and her own personal performance."

    Glen Goudeau
    General Director
    Matamoros, Mexico

  • "I wanted to express my teams thanks for the cross cultural communication course you conducted for us recently. It was exceptionally well received and definitely moved our Asian team forward in our ability to communicate effectively among all team members."

    Chuck Harm
    Asia/Pacific Operations
    Hong Kong

  • "As always, the cross-cultural negotiation course was informative, very participation oriented, and timely for Lucents global direction."

    F.R. Weaver
    Director, Global Manufacturing
    Mesquite, Texas


"This training was definitely a fruitful and pleasant experience. I want to thank you for your inspired and knowledgeable approach."

Marcel Claes
VP and Country Manager
Bank of America
Zurich Switzerland


"I was impressed at your ability to capture the attention of such a demanding audience. Both the Interpersonal Communications and the Stress Management provided valuable insight."

Gabriel Olivera
President and CEO
San Juan Puerto Rico


"The material you presented on the Japanese culture was timely informative and extremely useful."

Patrick Coffee
Vice President
Chase Bank
Houston Texas


"Unusual-Unorthodox! An experience of new techniques I have never known before. One of the best workshops I have ever attended."

Loc Nyugen
Director of Securities Sales
Citicorp Bank
Zurich Switzerland


  • "We found Gayle to be a valuable professional development and training resource, and had a very positive experience when seeking to offer our employees a comprehensive Negotiations course."

    Jessica Cohen
    HR Generalist
    Charlotte, NC

  • "Gayle was very professional with an excellent presentation. She was a great speaker and knows her stuff!"

    Jessica Cohen
    HR Generalist
    Charlotte, NC


"This Marketing / Management course was extremely well received due to the excellent facilitation of Ms. Cotton as well as the realistic practical approach and the content of the course."

Erika Manser
Training Manager
Horgen, Switzerland


  • "Both your presentation on the 'Art & Science of Public Speaking' as well as the one-on-one coaching sessions you did were extremely well received."

    Aman Merchant
    Chief Learning Officer
    Leading Concepts / Paradigmz
    Dubai UAE

  • "Feedback indicated that our members greatly valued your presentations, ‘The 5 Keys To Global Business Communications’ and ‘Time Mastery & Stress Management’. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, insights and experiences with young entrepreneurs from around the globe.

    Maria del Mar Velasco
    VP of Learning

  • "I hope we get to see you either in Dubai or a future EO event, for truly your passion for transferring your key messages would be great to witness once again!"

    Aman Merchant
    Chief Learning Officer
    Leading Concepts / Paradigmz
    Dubai UAE


  • "The Customer Care and Presentation Skills courses provided by Gayle Cotton really fit the bill for our training needs! These courses are now pre-requisites prior to customer contact."

    Michael Chopp
    Market Introduction Project Manager
    Ericsson Inc.
    Richardson, Texas

  • "Feedback from the employees has been extremely positive. The ratings attest to your skillful facilitative techniques in meeting our expectations"

    Craig Sutphin
    Professional Development Manager
    Ericsson Inc.
    Richardson, Texas

  • "Thank you for the terrific job you have done with our Technical Competence Instructional Staff. Over the last three years, you have delivered a much needed service, and maintained your high level of quality and commitment to excellence."

    John Aguilar
    Technical Training Manager
    Ericsson Inc.
    Richardson, Texas


"Your professional, thorough and proven expertise has brought about a significant and noticeable improvement in the management and leadership abilities of the senior managers you were asked to work with."

Timothy Heup
SVP, Director, Human Resources
Federal Home Loan Bank Of Dallas
Irving, TX


"Gayle did a great job for us working with one of our global clients. She achieved extremely high ratings and was applauded for her work ethic. There is no doubt Gayle would go above and beyond for a client."

Richard Sear
VP Career Best Practices
Frost & Sullivan
San Antonio, TX


  • "Thanks again for your energetic spirit putting everyone at ease and teaching new methods of stress management."

    Jaye Largent
    Training Coordinator
    Richardson, Texas

  • "Your presentation on Stress Management was highly praised by all the attendees. The lessons learned should significantly impact any organizations productivity and efficiency."

    Jim McNair
    Quality and Industrial Engineering Manager
    Fujitsu Network Systems
    Plano, Texas


"Our Top Producers were both entertained and enlightened. Your excellent program led to improved communications and increased production."

LouAnn Colosmo
Educational Specialist
HD Vest Financial Services
Irving, Texas


"I was delighted to attend your Management and Presentation skills seminars. The contents of these courses gave me a clear picture of how to communicate with others and how to understand their communication both verbal and non-verbal with very clear and easy techniques."

Anna Schwartzhappel
Training Manager
Geneva, Switzerland


  • "Gayle was able to customize to our requirements which added tremendously to the value we gained. The information was easy to relate to and provided valuable insights into the business and cultural nuances of each country covered."

    John Buaas
    Manager Sales Performance
    HP Enterprise Services
    Plano, Texas

  • "Gayle provided 3 classes for our Global Sales Leadership Team. The classes covered Japan, France and Germany from a variety of perspectives. We feel these classes have increased our effectiveness to communicate and sell overseas."

    John Buaas
    Manager Sales Performance
    HP Enterprise Services
    Plano, Texas


"In this Public Speaking Seminar you succeeded in addressing the individual needs while providing the techniques and confidence to prepare for public speaking in the future."

Finola Marras
Personnel Manager
ICA ( International Co-operative Alliance )
Geneva, Switzerland


"Your presentation was absolutely outstanding! We all enjoyed your original approach to communications."

R. Von Buren
Managing Director
IFF - International Flavors & Fragrances
Geneva, Switzerland


"Our Market Representatives were most enthusiastic about the material covered and very complimentary about Gayles delivery of the information."

Chuck Earhart
HR Quality Manager
JC Penney Headquarters
Plano, Texas


"The participants were overwhelmed! More important was the effect of your seminar on the participants a fact which I personally confirmed when interviewing them."

J. Arbela Fitzpatrick
Malta Institute For Management
St. Andrews Malta


"Wow! What an excellent program you presented. You created an awareness to communicate effectively while providing tools to communicate confidently."

Jill Smith
Employee Development Specialist
Mary Kay Inc.
Dallas, Texas


"We acknowledge your considerable personal skill in presenting such an important subject as Global Communications to our completely international sales force."

Otto Hoffman
Country Director
Geneva, Switzerland


  • "Our 250 students faculty and special guests were fortunate to have spent their morning with you. Your energy presence knowledge charm and sense of humor are exceptional!"

    Beverly Campbell
    Director of Campus Arts
    Northwood University
    Dallas, TX

  • "Thank you for your excellent training session, "Creativity and the Arts in the Classroom", for elementary school teachers. Convincing teachers to consider the way they approach each and every child will make for better classrooms throughout the Dallas school system."

    Beverly Campbell
    Director of Campus Arts
    Northwood University
    Dallas, TX


"I was thrilled with the surveys done at the end of this Teambuilding class! The managers who had said they were too busy for the class all had very positive feedback and said they were interested in attending an advanced training!"

Michelle Fontaninni
Quality Assurance Team Lead
Plano, Texas


  • "Thank you for a wonderful job you did when presenting the Cultural Diversity Training course for our Executive Management and our Airport Logistics Division."

    Elaine Woodall
    Training / Executive Development
    Siemens Energy & Automation
    Lewisville, TX

  • "I have worked with Gayle on many different projects over the past three years. She has the presence and attitude of a true professional. Gayle is a highly talented instructor who can bring diverse groups together to get positive results. I highly recommend Gayle and her team to tackle any performance or development issues you have."

    Elaine Woodall
    Training / Executive Development
    Siemens Energy & Automation
    Lewisville, TX


  • "Gayle was flexible enough to handle the various and unique needs of our organization. Gayle did an excellent job confronting very difficult personnel issues and helped us arrive at a good conclusion with a road map to move forward."

    Michelle Larson
    HR Business Partner
    Syngenta AG
    Minneapolis, MN

  • "Participants in the Teambuilding sessions strongly agreed that the session was well organized, meaningful and interactive. I would recommend using Gayle Cotton for any teambuilding type of activities."

    Michelle Blazek
    HR Business Partner
    Syngenta AG
    Minneapolis, MN


  • "Join me in thanking Gayle for her outstanding presentation! I know I learned a few things myself today."

    Yvonne Ammerman
    SHELL Global Finance
    Houston, Texas


  • "The implementation of your material has pleasantly exceeded our expectations. The best Management skills presented in my 22 years of corporate training. Gayle shows the excellence in Circles of Excellence."

    Glenn Willmot
    Technical Service Training Coordinator
    Bedford, Texas

  • "We at Tellabs Customer Support want to express our sincere appreciation for the outstanding block of courses you customized and presented to our Technical Service Center and Customer Support Group. Your insistence in 'becoming one of us' was the key to your highly successful endeavor!"

    Glenn Willmot
    Technical Service Training Coordinator
    Bedford, Texas


"The information you have shared with the employees and their spouses will prove to be a key factor in their successful integration into the Italian social and business cultures."

Dana Walden International HR Consultant
Texas Instruments
Dallas, Texas


"The seminar was an enriching and empowering experience for me. I feel that many of the techniques demonstrated during it will help me to change and improve my communications both within my personal and professional life."

Patricia Brice
World Health Organization
Geneva, Switzerland


"Thank you for your help in developing customizing and implementing the Coaching Training. It was very well received and provided skills that can be used immediately in both professional and personal lives."

Chris Wallace
Organizations Program Manager
Xerox Capital Services
Arlington, TX


  • "You have been a "highlight" for our whole meeting. Your seminar received an "excellent" rating!"

    Jorg Frese
    YPO, Rhine Chapter
    Frankfurt, Germany

  • "Gayle received high ratings from those who attended "The Art Of Presentation Skills". Her upbeat attitude, and ability to customize was a plus to her presentation material and skills."

    T. Michael Riggs
    Chairman and CEO, HookUp, YPO, Ozark Chapter
    Joplin, MI

  • "The El Salvador YPO Chapter felt privileged to have had the opportunity to learn from your Public Speaking seminar, and have mentioned how useful it will be for their development."

    Eduardo Freund
    YPO, El Salvador Chapter
    San Salvador, El Salvador

  • "Both the Interpersonal and Stress Management Seminars dealt with topics that concern us everyday, and provided valuable insight into our behavior and attitudes."

    Gabriel Olivera
    President and CEO, Bank Trust, YPO, Puerto Rico Chapter
    San Juan, Puerto Rico

  • "On behalf of the members and guests in attendance at the Florence YPO University, I want extend a sincere thanks to you for your contributions as a faculty member. The evaluations reflect the success of your programs."

    Jann Patterson
    Education Project Manager
    Young President's Organization

  • "The Management Training for our YPO staff was a resounding success! They also agreed that the course was a great learning experience."

    Susy Thurer
    YPO, Managing Director
    Europe / Middle East / Africa

  • "I want to say a very special thank you for your assistance in improving my public speaking skills. You have taken one of my greatest weaknesses and raised it to an above average level.

    Don Finkell
    President, Anderson Floors, Clinton, SC
    YPO Member

  • "The people who attended were most enthusiastic about the content and about Ms. Cotton's delivery. I can highly recommend this course as an excellent introduction to cross-cultural communication."

    Susan Lefkowitz
    Manager, Human Resources, Young Presidents Organization
    Irving, Texas


Gayle Cotton is a keynote speaker who exceeds expectations for motivational speakers and public speakers! She does virtual workshops, virtual presentations, and virtual leadership coaching for any of her programs. Gayle is a well-known authority on effective communication, interpersonal communication, cross cultural communication, intercultural communication, international business, body language, time management, stress management, and team building.