Praise for Gayle Cotton's Cross-Cultural Communication Book



‘SAY Anything to Anyone, Anywhere! 5 Keys to Cross-Cultural Communication’

Ken Blanchard

“This is a perfect cross-cultural communication tool for anyone who does business globally. Gayle uses interesting and amusing examples to illustrate the hows and whys of effectively sharing messages with someone from another culture. Her naturally friendly writing style addresses delicate issues in a graceful way. Read this book and you’ll be ready to Say Anything to Anyone, Anywhere!” ~Ken Blanchard, coauthor of The One Minute Manager® and Great Leaders Grow


Brian Tracy

“This is an excellent guide to being more effective and comfortable with different people from different cultures – essential for anyone who travels to other countries.” ~Brian Tracy, Author - The 10 Disciplines of Exceptional Leadership

Marshall Goldsmith

“Whether for business or social relationships, this is a must-read book for anyone who communicates multiculturally. Read it, enjoy it, and do what it says!” ~Marshall Goldsmith, New York Times Bestselling Author - MOJO and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

Vince Procente

“A descriptive and useful guide for anyone doing business with, or traveling to different cultures. Gayle has addressed what everyone needs to know to in order to effectively communicate across cultural borders.” ~Vince Poscente, New York Times bestselling author - The Age of Speed

Bob Pike

“I've been privileged to work in more than 25 countries during my career. Gayle's book would have helped me learn vicariously -- and a lot faster than what I had to learn from personal experience. Read the book well before your next need for cross cultural communication -- and then reread it. You'll be glad that you did.” ~Bob Pike, CPAE Speakers Hall of Fame, author of The Creative Training TechniquesTM Handbook and The Fun Minute Manager

Lenora Billings-Harris

“Communicating across cultures is more than understanding different groups. It requires recognizing each individual. Gayle helps you escalate your cultural competencies locally and globally. A must read for twenty first century professionals.” ~Lenora Billings-Harris, Author- Trailblazers: How Top Business Leaders Are Accelerating Results through Inclusion and Diversity

Dianna Booher

“Different is normal serves as a compelling theme throughout this comprehensive look at communication across cultures and its implications for building bridges one to one. Highly informative, entertaining, and readable.” ~Dianna Booher, Author - Communicate With Confidence and Creating Personal Presence

Dan Poynter

“This book is an essential companion for anyone who works with people from different cultures or travels to different counties. With clear and insightful examples, it shows how to communicate effectively and easily with any culture, anywhere. Well written, educational, and fun! Read before you go.” ~Dan Poynter, CSP, Editor of, Global Speakers NewsBrief.

Don Finkell

"I can't express how much Gayle's coaching changed my life and career. She has dramatically improved my ability to communicate effectively and speak in public, which has greatly enhanced my effectiveness as a leader. Her methods are now explained in this must read book." ~Don Finkell, CEO Shaw Hardwood

Key Coker:

“Gayle’s approach to presentation coaching has been very beneficial to me. Her techniques, now available in her book, have helped me stand before rooms of  hundreds of guests and present with confidence and clarity.” ~Key Coker, Dallas President, BBVA Compass Bank

John Wade

"I met Gayle when she spoke on ‘effective Cross-Cultural Communication’ at an Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) conference in Marrakech. Her book is indispensable to anyone who interacts with different cultures… which is everyone!" ~John L. Wade, CEO, Gung-Ho Company

Rich Beck

“With the world becoming ever more connected, understanding cultural differences has never been more important to personal and business success. Gayle’s book provides a practical and actionable roadmap for global adventurers to follow.” ~Rich Beck – Senior Vice President, PepsiCo Global Operations

Tim Danks

“I have worked with Gayle and “Circles of Excellence” on several occasions over the years in both local and global capacities leveraging their expertise to improve interpersonal communication within my business. This book is the culmination of these perspectives outlining how we can, and need, to adapt to the global culture we live in today.” ~Tim Danks – Executive Director, Assurance and Managed Services - Huawei Technologies USA

Mark Dendle

“Gayle’s book gives a unique perspective on the cross-cultural challenges facing today's global business managers. She enlightens us as to the many visible, and more often invisible, aspects to interactions and communications between team members operating with very different mindsets and within greatly different paradigms.”  ~Mark Dendle, Chief Financial Officer, The ECOM Group

Manuel Rajunov

“Cultural issues in international business are a critical success factor. Few possess the understanding and grasp of the issue better than Gayle. As an international business lawyer, I live her teachings every day.” ~Manuel Rajunov, Partner, Foreign Legal Consultant, DLA Piper

Rogelio Palomera

"Gayle's seminars and teachings have had great impact on all students, faculty, and administrative staff who attended in our university. I am very pleased to see that Gayle has now brought her expertise to this excellent guide." ~Rogelio Palomera, Professor, University of Puerto Rico

Praise for Gayle Cotton’s bestselling book on cross cultural communication shows why she’s an expert in cross cultural training and among the best of public speakers and motivational speakers. Read Gayle’s book and contact her if you need a keynote speaker for an event and be sure to have her book available!


Gayle Cotton is a keynote speaker who exceeds expectations for motivational speakers and public speakers! She does virtual workshops, virtual presentations, and virtual leadership coaching for any of her programs. Gayle is a well-known authority on effective communication, interpersonal communication, cross cultural communication, intercultural communication, international business, body language, time management, stress management, and team building.