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These video clips are from Gayle Cotton's live presentation to Shell Oil and are based on her bestselling book 'The 5 Keys to Successful Cross-Cultural Business Communication', now available in every format, including audio, on Amazon!

Gayle Cotton educates, entertains and inspires with her fresh and unique approach to International Business Communication and Global Business Etiquette. Contact Gayle to speak at your next event or to take your company to the next level of best practices!

She is a keynote professional, that is among the best of professional public speakers, professional motivational speakers, and women motivational speakers.

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Filmed live for Shell Oil

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Please contact Gayle if you are looking for great professional keynote speakers, professional public speakers, professional motivational speakers, female speakers, diversity speakers, international speakers, conference speakers, women motivational speakers or any other type of keynote professional. Professional Keynote Speaker, Gayle Cotton is an Emmy Award Winner!