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Free Webinar on Gayle Cotton’s Book ‘SAY Anything to Anyone, Anywhere!’

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Book Cover-WSJ-9781118620168_cottonI am so excited to announce that the webinar on my bestselling book, SAY Anything to Anyone, Anywhere! 5 Keys to Cross-Cultural Communication’, is now available for anyone to take for free!

This is a highly rated webinar on cultural tips for international business that I did for Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO). Please feel free to take the webinar at your convenience anytime… anywhere!

The webinar includes business travel tips for unfamiliar cultures and conversation guidelines for Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin American, and the Middle East. It also has tips for communicating in different countries, as well as strategies for doing business with unfamiliar cultures to help with understanding cultures around the world. It’s important to keep in mind that as we homogenize as a ‘global culture’, cultural tendencies change and evolve as well. Awareness is the first step!

Tips for Communicating in Different Countries and Doing Business with Unfamiliar Cultures

Webinar: SAY Anything to Anyone, Anywhere! 5 Keys to Successful Cross-Cultural Communications

To learn more about the communication and business styles of Asia/ Pacific, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East, order Gayle Cotton’s bestselling book ‘SAY Anything to Anyone, Anywhere! 5 Keys to Cross-Cultural Communication’, now available on Amazon as a Book, eBook, or Audio Book. Gayle is an Emmy Award Winner, President of Circles Of Excellence for Corporate Education, and a distinguished Professional Keynote Speaker. Contact Gayle to be a conference speaker at your events! She is a cross cultural expert that will entertain and inspire audiences of all sizes with her fresh, unique, and humorous approach to cross-cultural communication and social business etiquette.

Create Rapport and Organize Strategies for Success

The CROSS of Cross-Cultural

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