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Customer Service Presentations for Envirotainer in Dallas, TX

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Customer Service Presentations for Envirotainer in Dallas, TX


Back to Toronto for more Customer Service Presentations at Huawei Technologies in Toronto, Ontario, CANADA!

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Huawei Technologies

Huawei Technologies


Back to Toronto for more Customer Service Presentations

Huawei Technologies in Toronto, Ontario, CANADA!


Customer Service, Communication, Teambuilding and Executive Coaching Events for Ecom Trading in Dallas, TX

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Ecom Trading

Ecom Trading

Executive Coaching Events for Ecom Trading in Dallas, TX

Customer Service, Communication, Teambuilding


Customer Service Presentations for Huawei Technologies in Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

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Huawei Technologies

Huawei Technologies


Customer Service Presentations for Huawei Technologies in Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

My new website!

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Hooray! I’ve launched my own Website and Blog to promote my International Keynote Speaking Career!


Check out my Website at:


Check out my Blog at:


Be sure to watch my new Keynote Speaker Video Demo filmed live for Shell Oil at the following link: It’s on one of my favorite topics, ‘The 5 Keys to Successful Cross-Cultural Business Communications’. Those near and dear to me have affectionately nicknamed the topic, ‘The Dumb Blond Jokes Are Global’, which definitely bears some truth. As a blonde, female American who speaks on cross-cultural topics around the world, I’ve often said that I have 3 strikes against me, however that has never stopped me from winning over audiences around the world!

My DVD Demo

My DVD Demo

Take a look at my new ‘Photo Gallery’

From makeup to hair, come with me as I travel and speak around the world! You’ll be part of all my adventures!


My Photo Gallery

Don’t miss my Newsroom which will feature my popular Article Series

The Latest! Cultural Clues, Do’s & Taboos… A Series of Cultural Tips for Countries from A to Z

This Article Series has been running on the Circles Of Excellence Blog at the past several months. FRANCE is the currently featured country.

I am starting with my first ‘must read’ article

The Importance of Cross-Cultural Business Communications’

That will be followed by Cultural Clues, Do’s & Taboos for ARGENTINA as the first featured country. Watch for additional countries to be featured every few weeks at

My Newsroom has links to my Press Releases and my Upcoming Events.

Check out my Newsroom!

Coming Soon!

AMS Media

I’m in the process of updating and reproducing my best-selling DVD from

The ‘5 Keys’ to Successful Cross-Cultural Business Communications

at AMS studios in Dallas:


This is an educational video featuring what everyone needs to know to work effectively in Europe, Latin America, Asia / Pacific and the Middle East’. It’s perfect for international keynote speakers, corporate trainers, or executive coaches too! The DVD will be available for purchase on my website and the Circles Of Excellence website soon!


WHO created all this for me? Texstar Web!


If you like my new website and blog, contact Don at! Don and his team are the best I’ve worked with … ever!

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The Latest! Cultural Clues : Do’s & Taboos The Importance of Cross-Cultural Business Communications

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Cultural Clues

Cultural Clues

In today’s global business marketplace, the ability to communicate effectively multi-culturally cannot be underestimated. I found this out very quickly when I started teaching cross-cultural education in Geneva, Switzerland in the early nineties. My education was in Behavioral Science and Cultural Science however, I didn’t expect that there would be specific things about me that would have a negative impact. I had 3 strikes. I was American, so what could an American teach them about culture? I was female, and in the early nineties business women were much less common. I was blonde, and I quickly found out the dumb blonde jokes were global! I decided that I needed to adapt my image to fit their expectations. I adopted what I now call my ‘librarian look’, which consisted of the IBM classic dark suits with long skirts, my hair in a French twist and high heels since I’m short. For a group of senior bankers in Zurich, I even wore fake eyeglasses! I also changed my communication style to be more factual and direct and to the point. I smiled less, minimized my tonal modulations, and was less demonstrative in my body language, gestures and facial expressions.

Common cross-cultural issues for business owners developing relationships with businesses and individuals from different cultural backgrounds

Not being proactive and adapting to different cultural business expectations. It’s all too easy to get off on the wrong foot and become reactive.

Not understanding how formality, hierarchy and timing can affect business. These things have a tremendous impact on negotiations and decision-making.

Being perceived as too aggressive or even impatient in our business approach. Business often takes longer with different cultures and countries, so plan accordingly.

Many cultures are more team focused or ‘we’ oriented. This can really impact our business style and marketing material. Avoid being egocentric or ‘I’ oriented.

A big Taboo is unintentionally offending someone with our body language. This can be very difficult to recover from. A basic guideline is to use ‘open handed’ gestures. Don’t point with your index finger, use the OK sign or thumbs up and thumbs down.

How can you proactively prepare for multi-cultural business?

Awareness is the 1st step! Observe how people communicate with you in person, on the phone and by email. Notice if they are more formal and expressive or more direct and to the point.

Know your facts. Be aware of relevant historical data, economic issues, major industries, cities and geography to name a few. There is nothing more embarrassing than not knowing your geography!

Learn some cultural rapport skills about what is important. For example, when Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah visited President Bush at his Crawford ranch, they were photographed strolling hand in hand through the bluebonnets. This was an important sign of their friendship and trust. Sometimes, you need to go beyond your personal comfort zone!

Keep in mind that we are homogenizing as a global culture, so with all we learn we can’t ever take cultural tendencies for granted.

5 Keys to successful cross-cultural communications for your business partnerships

  1. Be proactive. Initially focus on creating trustful partnerships not on the business at hand.
  2. Use some cultural rapport. Adapt your marketing material and business approach as needed.
  3. Organize productive interactions that insure a ‘win-win’ for all parties.
  4. Develop strategies for relationships and business cycles based on appropriate levels of formality, business hierarchy and timing.
  5. Success leaves clues! Learn the Do’s & Taboos of the country and cultures you partner with. Be well prepared.

Bon Voyage… Cheers to a successful cross-cultural business!

Knowing the communication styles, business strategies and approaches to multi-cultural etiquette can be the difference between success and failure when working or negotiating internationally. Learn to manage ‘culture shock’ and improve your Multi-Cultural Communication. Gayle can assist with all aspects of international sales and negotiations or business management abroad.


Contact Gayle to help your business become more successful in today’s Global Business Marketplace. Gayle provides her services globally from locations in the US and Europe.

Author: Gayle Cotton, International Keynote Speaker & Cultural Expert

Gayle Cotton Blog

US: 972-370-1300


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